It’s funny. This past week I’ve really been trying to eat clean, and it seems that the healthier I eat, the more I eat. I’ve been eating allll day long, and I’m still under my daily calorie requirements.

The only downside to eating this way other than the fact that I have to constantly fight temptation at work is the fact that I am to constantly go to the store. It really isn’t cheap to eat healthy. I’ve seen so many arguments from people trying to demonstrate how eating healthy actually is affordable, and no one has an excuse to be overweight, etc. unless you’re having a head of lettuce and a can of beans all day every day without spicing it up with avocados, dressings, meats, etc you’re not going to be very happy let alone fully nourished. But I’m rambling now…

Anyways, I’m having decent body feels right now because I’ve been lifting, cycling and generally trying to get strong and fit. Mostly this post is a reminder to myself to keep at it. As great as I feel mentally, it doesn’t take much for my self confidence to sway the other way.


Bobby seriously celebrates my body like it’s a fucking surprise party every single time I get undressed and I’m tellin you what, man, it has completely changed so much about my life and how I feel about the space I occupy in the world. It’s like some giant weight has been lifted…

I just bought my wedding dress. I’m so excited and terrified at the same time because i bought it on Etsy. I might not get it for another couple of months in which time I’ll be panicking about the size, quality, etc. It’s so gorgeous though and I really want to post it, but the Tumblr app doesn’t hide “read mores” and Mike won’t let me show him.

Killa// tUnE-yArDs

I’m a new kind of woman, I’m a new kind of woman
I’m a don’t take shit from kind of woman so


White girl: What are you?
Me: White & Latino
White girl: Lol you don’t look Latin. Anyway, I’m an 1/8th Cherokee, part dutch, irish, my ancestors helped settle Haiti so im technically Haitian, 1/12 crunchwrap supreme

I’m so jealous of people who have passions/hobbies. I like a lot of things, but I don’t really care about many things. My hobbies include:

  • binge watching entire tv series in one go
  • eating lots of cheese
  • making people look at pictures of my dog (also crying over pictures of other cute dogs)
  • talking about being productive without ever actually doing anything
  • thinking about my future and then having panic attacks
  • listening to the same songs on repeat for days at a time